Swain County

Watershed Film Series


Watershed Film Series Wednesday August 22, 2012 WATR is hosting a short film series all about

Watershed Film Series2020-10-29T14:56:39-04:00

Board Meetings


Tuesday May 22, 5:30pm at the Bryson City Library. (Directions) Tuesday June 17, 5:30pm in

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Summer Picnic


Friday June,15. We are outdoor enthusiasts and what better way to celebrate the great outdoors

Summer Picnic2020-10-29T14:56:39-04:00

WATR Public Meetings


Monday July 23, 6:45 p.m. Sylva Public Library is the location of the WATR Mid-Summer

WATR Public Meetings2020-10-29T14:56:39-04:00

River Cane Chronicles Part III


Morning comes and with it the question: Did the dye take? Sometimes it doesn’t. But

River Cane Chronicles Part III2020-10-29T14:56:40-04:00

River Cane Chronicles part II


With the cane bundled into the tub, Jim Long fills his cut-off oil drum with

River Cane Chronicles part II2020-10-29T14:56:40-04:00

River Cane Chronicles Part I


To prepare the harvested river cane for dyeing, Jim Long – Cherokee weaver and basketmaker

River Cane Chronicles Part I2020-10-29T14:56:40-04:00
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