VolunteerIt's YOUR Watershed - please help us protect it.

WATR, at it’s heart, is a volunteer organization.  We depend on each other to keep informed about problems and to work towards solutions.

WATR is looking for volunteers

to assist with Field events and Association Activities. In some cases, the committees dedicated to the task have dwindled and need a fresh start.

Citizen Scientists
Learn cool things about mountain streams and collect critical data for assessing stream health and monitoring change among our streams and change over time.

Join a team and collect samples of macro-invertebrates (aquatic bugs) that indicate the health of stream and the abundance of food for fish.   See the WATR Event listing for the SMIE training.  Commit to one day of training, then collect samples on  one day in the spring and one in the fall going forward.

Fish monitoring is a real possibility in 2014.   We are laying out plans for collecting fish samples as part of our “Families in the Creek” programs this summer.   Very exciting to put on waders and join the fish shocking (no, the fish are not harmed).   Species are identified and counted.  Great fun for young and old.  Call the office.

Other opportunities:
Visual Stream Assessment Protocol — with a some training, walk the streams, in waders or shorts, and assess the condition of stream banks and stream bed.
Water Quality sampling — collect samples for chemical and physical analysis.

Watch our Water (WoW):
Not for the feint hearted.   Inspect streams during storms and locate sources of MUD (erosion).   Gather samples and take pictures.  Work with us to follow up.  Encourage landowners to use best management practices for erosion prevention.

Help the Association:

Events and Public Meetings
Everything from planning, publicity, and implementation – many hands make work light.  Contact Ken Brown at the WATR Office (828) 269-2999‬) or at kenbrown@watrnc.org

Web site Development & Social Media
Supply ideas, and even contribute brief articles and pictures

Bring your sensibilities, enthusiasm, and willingness to work with community leaders to keep WATR chugging along!

Board Support and Leadership
Contribute efforts to WATR’s Planning – or – suggest and cultivate new Board Members.

JOIN WATR teams. Consider becoming a Citizen Scientist!