1 Carolyn Allison Lower Tuck cleanup - croppedWCU Annual Tuck Cleanup — Lower Tuckasegee Cleanup, April 21

 For the first time ever, the Annual WCU Tuck River Cleanup (now in its 19th year) has down to the confluence with Fontana Lake.

WATR volunteers worked with Wildwater  staff – they supplied guides and rafts — and we removed trash from Bryson City at the Horsepen down to the Lake.  Kids from the Swain High Environmentally Aware Club pitched in.  The highlight was the recovery of a muddy old – but still readable – banner advertising Maniac Mattox – and below that the Outlaw Rebel Band.  We got lots of trash, unfortunately there are numerous pockets of trash along the 288 road.  We need more pickups but also a litter prevention program for Swain.  Carolyn Allison, thanks for your help!

2 Lower Tuck Cleanup mattox banner crop

We had great coverage in the Smoky Mountain Times and Jerry Mattox, long-time Swain resident and former band headliner, told the newspaper that he lost the banner in a 1996 performance in the Community Theater.  Great story, Jerry!  Thanks for stepping up.

3 Lower Tuck Cleanup crew - cropped2


Group Pic: Colyn Petty, Pappy, Matt Cooke, Cricket, Joshua Martin, Kathy Gray, Roger Clapp, Gwen Albers.