Sat. Jan. 3, 2015

A stalwart crew met at Monteith Farmstead Park for the monthly clean-up of Scotts Creek, and when that job was done, we tackled a new task.

Nick Pallotta, Jennifer Cooper, Roger Clapp, Sae Smyrl, and Lisa Muscillo convened at the Discovery Trails for our monthly creek clean-up that we have done for the past 6 years — with only one or two cancellations due to weather.  This was the last time Sae served as “Scotts Creek Clean-Up Coordinator.”   He is going to focus his volunteer efforts in other directions although he will stay active with WATR.   WATRshed HUGS TO YOU, SAE, FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS OVER THE YEARS.

Part of the Clean-Up Crew of 1/3/2015.  Nick Pallotta, Sae Smyrl, and Lisa Muscillo

Part of the Clean-Up Crew of 1/3/2015. Nick Pallotta, Sae Smyrl, and Lisa Muscillo

Lisa Muscillo joined our group.  She is a self-descibed maniac about roadside litter.  She has been staging one-woman cleanups for months if not years.  And now WATR is joining up with her.  Remember roadside litter is just a few storms away from becoming creek trash.   She is a Jackson Co. resdient for 20 years, and she works independently as manager for properties in Cashiers.  Her beloved dog is an aging rottweiler called Zeus.

After we finished up along the trails, we all migrated over to one of the access loops linking Rt 74 and Rt 441 near the BP station.  The litter was disgusting.   Five us rapidly cleaned up a section of the access.  More roadside pickup is needed at the intersection, but also all along Rt 74, along Rt 107 from Sylva to points beyond WCU, and the entire county!

If you are disgusted with roadside trash in Jackson County, then you need to contact Lisa directly at or (828) 331- 8626. 

This work parallels clean-up efforts in Swain County – under the title  “Keep Swain Clean and Pristine” or simply, “Swain Clean.”

Trash picked up on  1/3/2015:     Discovery Trails: 80 pounds,   Rt. 441 intersection:  285 pounds

Total trash picked up by WATR (with Partners) in 2014: 4,380 pounds — that’s over TWO TONS!