At our Public Meeting at the end of May, Rick Queen described the NC “Stream Watch” program that is offered through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  — So what’s it all about?  The state guys know that it is neighbors who live on or near the creek that know the most about its health simply be seeing the creek every day.   Stream Watchers usually sign up as small teams for certain stretches of creek.  A team commits to two inspections (with trash cleanup) per year, macro invert sampling, and other data collections…all pretty simple, especially with support from WATR.  According to Rick, the obligations are pretty easy but the benefits to the health of our creeks can be enormous.   Questions: Contact Rickat or (828) 550-8487.

Rick Queen, “Train Wrecka-Becca” (Back to us. Sorry!), US Fish & Wildlife guy Mark Cantrell, and Craig Green share a lighter moment.

Rich has signed up as Stream Watcher for a mile of Greens Creek.  Sunny Himes and Jane Fitzgerald (of the Jackson County Soil & Water Conservation District Office) have indicated an interest in Stream Watching for Savannah Creek – a creek of great concern  given the high levels of sediment.  WATR member or not, it would be GREAT if you explored being a Stream Watcher for your stream. Go to
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