Yes!  Our updated WATR website is almost ready for prime-time.  And a big THANK YOU goes to Ohia, web page designer, and Julie Thorner, WATR board member.  Did you know that Julie is a marketing professional with her own business: Liquid Spark, Inc. (formerly WillowWorks, Inc.)  She’s a great part of the WATR talent pool!

What does the website do?  It presents out our major focal points for protecting and preserving the wonderful Tuckasegee River:

Education — Experiential learning motivates us to conserve and builds the conservation ethic in our youth.

Stewardship  —  Cleaning up, restoring, monitoring.  All  necessary services that provide volunteer opportunities.

Recreation — Enjoying the River is crucial for saving the River.

Among many things, the website invites the world to visit the WATR Discovery Trails at Monteith Farmstead Park in Dillsboro.  The goal of the Trails is to show that mountain stream banks with natural vegetation are critically needed for healthy streams.  Interpretive nature signs provide visitors a self-guided lesson in environmental stewardship.

So what needs to be done to complete the new website roll-out?   WATR staff will weed out the out-of-date material that was simply transferred from the old website.  We will post a calendar of our traditional events for the year and special events for the coming 3 months.  The “Donate Now” button will be installed, making paying dues and making financial gifts easy for cyber-oriented friends. Most of the site will be filled with information that does not need much updating  — Timely information will appear in the WATR Blog.   And YES, YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE TO THE WATR Blog!

New Website, New Look, Better Content

New Website, New Look, Better Content