trout taste goodJackson civic leaders, mostly from Sylva, Dillsboro, & Webster, have been meeting with the purpose of identifying stretches of Scotts Creek & the  Tuckasegee River to classify as Mountain Heritage Trout Waters.  When the project is completed, Dillsboro will be identified as a “Mountain Heritage Trout Town.”  (Same for Sylva and Webster)

Visitors will be allowed to get a $5.00 3-day license to fish these (and only these) designated trout waters. Local merchants can set up “lending stations” where visitors can borrow a pole and tackle for free.  The purpose is to enhance the tourist experience.

Ted Kubit and Roger Clapp are photographing and mapping access points for fishermen.  Full implementation of the designation takes about a year. To help local economies, Joe Sam Queen designed and pushed the legislation for this program.  Mountain Heritage Trout Waters