IMG_0007 - compressedApril is Earthday Month, with many activities especially for students who head into term papers and finals in May.  In ensuing WATR Blogs, we will cover topics like:

The 19th Annual WCU Tuck River Cleanup when WATR volunteers picked up trash along Scotts Creek at various sites in Sylva.  The next day, WATR also organized the first-ever extension of the WCU event to the lower end of Tuckasegee River, with the help of Caroline Allison of Wildwater.

WATR had an information booth at WCU’s Earth and Wellness Day.  We met lots of folks and enjoyed the students as they enjoyed on of the warm days of spring.

Then came Greening Up The Mountains – this year it was a washout for everyone, EXCEPT WATR.  Rain makes creeks, and creeks make our beloved Tuckasegee River – so no complaints.  Many signed in.

Then onto the summer.  Again, WATR will facilitate the Annual Traditional Cherokee Fish Harvest – which will be held at the fish weir in Webster…at our friend Jim Allman’s place.  This year we are engaging the Cherokee Youth Council as partners. We have two more adventures for the council members planned to complement the fish harvest.  Thanks go to LTLT for helping make this adventure real.

Early in June we will have the Job Corps helping us extend the North Trail at the WATR’s Discovery Trails at Monteith Farmstead Park.  Join us as we have our Cleanup Evenings and work on Invasives Control at the Trails.  The message always remains relevant – for a healthy stream you must have natural stream banks!  Help us spread the word.

SMIE monitoring for micro-invertebrates is on the agenda.  Those with training in bug-identification will be contacted.  The bugs can tell us how clean our water really is.

Our Mid-Year Membership Drive is underway.  We need to recruit 100 old and new members.  Also looking for mid-year donations!  Please respond to our snail-mail request, or go to the website Pay-Pal opportunity to help the cause of clean water!