For Contractors

Builders and Excavators, your stewardship of the soil during construction can make the difference between dirt-filled creeks that starve fish and clear creeks with abundant life.


REMINDER: Swain County Ordinance #153-2001-01A requires all excavators and builders to attend an annual erosion and sediment control training.

Mountain Erosion Control Training is different this year.  You have the choice of 2 trainings:  

Professor Rich McLaughlin

Professor Rich McLaughlin

Training 1.  MEC Field TrainingUpdate — Quick Registration -Click on REGISTER NOW     

Hands-on training with the NC State erosion expert – Professor Rich McLaughlin.  He taught the class last year and everyone thought he did a great job! – This year you will get to meet him and work in teams on erosion control challenges.  Why the Hands-On Training is sooo much better than the Classroom Training –

  • Learn much more with Hands-On
  • Cool Certificate!
  • Free Advertisement
    • All Participants will be listed in Smoky Mtn Times
    • Your name & contact info will be listed on WATR website
  • Invitation to meeting: Contractors Only! How to promote your business while protecting Swain creeks.  4/3/2012 5:30  Place TBA

When:  Wednesday 3/14, from 8:30 to about 1 pm
Where:  Meet at the Senior Center off of Hughes Branch Rd for a 1-hr classroom session.   The field site is the bulldozed lot below the county jail, roughly opposite Ingles.  .
Fee:  This training has a $25.00 fee  – Pay at the door.  To register, call the WATR office at 488 8418 and leave message (name & contact phone number) … OR… Click on REGISTER NOW.  

Training 2.   MEC Classroom Training
Wed April 25 at 8:30-11:00     Where: SCC Almond School
Fee: Free –   Register by leaving a telephone message including phone & email address  at WATR office: 488-8418, or click on REGISTER NOW.


Working on a REGIONAL E&SC Training System

Ask any staff from environmental nonprofits in Western North Carolina, and they will tell you about the difficulties in getting any long-term training for builders and developers related to erosion and sediment control. Curriculum and trainers for basic courses are available, but there is no system of trainings to keep builders informed and challenged. Obtaining funding and contracting the trainers is excessively time consuming — not something that we would want to do year after year.

In October 2009, staff of the Cherokee Preservation Foundation challenged our director. Their complaint with past proposals for environmental preservation was that proposals were too localized. There were no regional programs for protecting water or air being proposed. WATR came back with a partnership and a proposal.

A Core Partnership evolved:

  • Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition
  • Little Tennessee Land Trust
  • EBCI Department of Environment and Nat. Resources
  • Haywood Waterways Association
  • Watershed Association of the Tuckasegee River

    with help from the NC Southwestern RC&D Council and other agencies.

And we are currrently looking into all phases of E&SC training with an eye to getting a grant for a regional, comprehensive, and affordable system of courses.