Green Friends
Many WATR members support other local and state groups who strive to protect our environment and promote social justice.  Please give careful consideration of the following issues and responses and to the organizations that are pushing for reforms.
Duke Energy has an approved rate increase of 4.6% to cover increased fuel cost. Now they are looking for a 17% increase for residential rate payers.  With added taxes, we compute the combined increase to be 24%.  Because the sole strategy of Duke Energy seems to be more coal burning and nominal changes for man-made gobal warming, many folks are fighing this latest rate change.
The most accessible place for public comment is a meeting in Franklin on 10/26. Check out this website
     Want Duke’s point of view?  Check out:

For protection of our air, check out the Canary Coalition. Follow this link:
For environmental protection in the western part of the state, check out WNCA  
For a variety of local and regional issues–  especially those affecting Jackson County —  contact Ken Brown, Chair of the Tuckasegee Community Alliance (TCA) a local chapter of the WNCA . Ken’s email address is: