Bill Kane, WATR Board Member, described the board member nomination process, then opened the floor for nominations.    Newest nominees are: Ken Brown, owner of a construction company and leader of the local Western North Carolina Alliance chapter;   and Jennifer Cooper, interim manager – Service Learning, at WCU.    They join board nomininated candidates:  Julie Thorner, owner of WillowWorks Inc marketing company, and TJ Walker, owner of Dillsboro Inn and one of WATR’s founding members.    Board member Clark Lipkin announced that he is stepping off the board to concentrate on his work on the Jackson County Planning Commission.  Thanks for all your work with WATR, Clark!

How many board positions need to be filled?  The bylaws allow for up to 5 new board members (in addition to those with continuing terms and those up for re-election) and now we have 4, as listed above.   Board elections will take place Monday, Feb 27, at our Annual Business Meeting.    HOORAY for these nominees